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BTS is endorsed by Dorset Football Association,
AFC Bournemouth, Weymouth FC & Dorchester Town FC.

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Deal: 10% for all Physiotherapy and Chiropractic treatment for BTS players. Between the Sticks is sponsored by proformanceclinics

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Welcome to Between The Sticks

Between The Sticks was set up in 2007 by Robbie Yates & Neil Moss to provide quality sports tuition and to specialise in excellence in goalkeeping. BTS goalkeeping school is based in the Poole / Bournemouth area.

We offer specialist goalkeeping coaching for children and adults at all ages and experience levels.

The approach at Between the Sticks is fundamentally player centred. We believe that to improve as a team you must work to maximise the ability and potential of each individual within the team. Our role as coaches at BTS is to facilitate and enhance that growth as much as possible, focusing on individual technique, physical and psychological needs. Appreciating that players are all very different and building on their key strengths and working on areas of weakness ultimately benefits the whole team and helps develop confidence, trust, respect and loyalty with the players.

Quality BTS coaching goes hand in hand with using quality equipment. As well as using the best available sporting facilities, we carry a full range of portable goals, floodlights, posts markers, balls etc.

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